James Chambers

Amazing Love Story


I spoke to lora on sunday night while she was laying in bed. She was very tired because she works very hard.But she was very excited about our visit as was I ! I love talking to my baby when she is all relaxed. It is nice to be able to tell her how much i love her ,Before we go to sleep. It is really hard to get off the phone Even though i know i will see her in morning.But we get our 60 second notice that phone call is about to end ,which always comes way to quickly .So i hurry to tell her how much i love her and to be careful on drive down to visit . I head off to my cell and get on my knees to pray. Thank god for all the blessings in my life. I wake up in morning feeling great and very happy i get to see the woman i love in few hour . But i still have acouple of things to do , I have church from 9am to 11am . It is great service ,But i have to hurry back to unit and get in shower and get changed for visit . It is great to have such aloving dependable woman in my life! I know it is no easy task to get here , It is long drive and a process just to get in to prison for our visit then i hear my name being called i quickly head to visit room ! and see my amazing baby sitting waiting for me ! her smile is so bright and her eyes light up it is so nice to see her !


As i walk toward table my baby stands up and gives me an amazing kiss and hug ,I try to hold her as long as i can it feels so good t ohave her in my arms ! She already has yahtzee and monopoly games o table .i have been telling her all week about how i was going to kick her butt in what ever games we play ! I ask her how the trip was down to see me. She tells me it was pretty nice , And she shows me her new sandels she just bought . My baby is looking super sexy. She is always smiling when she is with me . She instantly starts setting up game of yahtzee , Which really doesnt turn out to good for me ,I got a pretty bad whoopin she won all six games we played . We also talk about whats going on with life . How things are going ,But time really flies by when Im with her it moves way to quickly. But she has one more mission beating me in monopoly which she does ! She always treats me so good ,We have such greattime . It so nice to have such amazing woman in my life . But it sure is hard when she has to leave,I appreciate every minute i get with her .Im always looking forward to next monday when I get to see her again ! Im so grateful that she is all mine !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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