James Chambers

Our Amazing Love Story

My amazing woman showed me how much she really loves spendig time with me! Although she had a very busy night and was up very late, she still sacrificed her sleep to come down here to spend a few awesome hours with me! We did have agreat visit even though she was worn out just being able to look in each others eyes and hug her and kiss her was great ! Her yahtzee skills were pretty weak so i felt like i was taken advantage of her. But i really did need a couple of wins (LOL) . I love spendtime with lora she can always put a smile on my face and I always do the same for her ! Even though time really pass so quickly when we are together . It is always cramazing when we are hanging out. I love being her rock , a shoulder to lean on , someone she talks to about everything, the one she seeks advice from but i really love being to one she dreams of and thats always in her heart and mind ! We really do have the greatest love for each other and every singleday it gets stronger and stronger

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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