Ramone Echols

My Brothers Keeper

I mentioned before that I have four brothers from my dad , and over the years we haven’t been in touch we each other until my Pops died . Since then I’ve been keeping in touch with my brother that’s right under me . But , this really isn’t about any of them . This is about my other brothers . Different father , different mother . We do not share any of the same DNA , but we are cut from the same cloth . These are my guys that’s been with me everyday no matter what . My big brother is Will . Some call him Willie Mack , Mack , Killa , Hogg , or Hoggy , and all that depends on what your relationship is with him . Me , I call him Big Bruh
, and this is why . From day one he’s always kept it 110% with me . He’s never given me any advice that he wouldn’t follow himself , and he’s never asked me to do anything he wouldn’t do . From the day I got locked up until now he’s been right here , and there’s not too many people in this situation that can say that about alot of their guys from the streets . Then there’s my brother I call Joey Blanco , but everybody else knows him by Joe White . That’s my n!99@ !!!!!! The stories I could tell about some of the things we did as young n!99@$ , boy boy boy . Joe , he’s been locked up since we were 17 with a couple life sentences . We’re in the same situation , but we stay in touch with each other . As a matter of fact he’s the reason I met Tg from my ” I Miss You ” blog , but that’s another story for another day ( lol , smh ) . Thanks to the juvenile life legislation he’ll be going in front of a parole board shortly , and those life sentences he got were basically for not telling . So I’m praying that they ” FREE JOEY BLANCO ” , cause I’m going to need my brother with me when I get home . Then there my brothers I gained in the prison system . These are a few guys that I know I can depend on in here . When alot of people left me for dead these guys kept it 110% . With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Real n!99@$ know and love real n!99@$ no matter where you’re from . So , if you keep it 110% at all times you’ll always get love no matter what , cause even the haters enventually give in and love the real n!99@$ . Song of the day : Rich Homie Quan – My N!99@$ .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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