Todd Bass


My name is Todd Bass and this is my introduction to the blogosphere.

Before I begin…….

Now, where do I begin?
I have seen so much in my 33 years.
From the East Side of the greater Seattle area…to Prison.

I have done some amazing things in life and I have done some things I regret. Now if I am to share my stories, you have to understand there are certain people and agencies that are just as egar to hear my epic tails. So with that being said, names and places have been altered for reasons that will become obvious over time so long as you follow me!!

Please keep an open heart and mind and trust that a man is not the road or places he travels. These places helped shape me and who I am, but I am a work in Progress untill the day I “wake up on the wrong side of the grass” as my father put it.

I am currently serving an 18 year sentence for an accumulation of non violent crimes, such as:

Possesion of Stolen Vehicle,
Posesion of Stolen Firearm,
Unlawful Possesion of Firearm.

It all boils down to Stolen Property.
You might be thinking “Wow, thats alot of time for non violent crimes” and I would have to strongly agree. Duh, right? But I think that will be the topic of a future blog, and I will just continue in the direction of an Introduction.

I am single and have an Amazing daughter, a few friends and family that absolutely refuse to give up on me and support me best they can, and the few guys in here that share alot of my struggles and tests.

I am open to nearly any angel or point of veiw, and am open to oppinion.I have come a long way, and am going to try to use this outlet to grow more. I am excited and nervous to expose my self, my story, and the things in life some people dont know about, or maby dont want to know about.

So hold on to your seat, and cut me some slack.
Im no writer, my spelling is shakey oftin times.

Sometimes there just isnt anyway to “Sugar Coat” some of the things in my life. All I can do is try my best to give you a heads up in my title as to the grafic level of the underlining story, Or event.

I hope this opens the eyes of the public as well as helps the people I know and love to understand me a little better.

I guess I will end this with a quote.
” Weather you think you can, or think you cant………….its true.”

My info is on the Contact page if you’d like to write me.

Todd Bass
DOC #861671

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