Ramone Echols

Today I walked into a situation that could’ve went all the way wrong if I was the me from a few years ago . Everyday I’m faced with dealing with someone new or fairly new to the system that either doesn’t know who I am by face , or doesn’t know who I am at all . That sometimes almost gets someone put in a bad situation , and at this stage in my life & time a bad situation isn’t what I need . The last time I walked into a situation it went bad for all parties involved along with a few innocent bystanders , but that’s what that life is about . I’m not about that life no more , and that’s why I’m able to do this blog tonight . I figure like this . If I can’t deal with the idiots while I’m in here then I don’t stand a chance when I get out . I have too much good time to lose , I’m doing my Victim Advocacy course , I’m a year away from camp , and I’m 3 1/2 years away from work release which is a half a step away from home . Plus my ” Mary Jane ” is still upset about the last time I walked into a situation , so she said if I do that again and put myself at risk to lose anymore good time she’s not talking to me for a year . There was a point in time when I would’ve said ” like I give a f*ck ” , but not with this one . I like this one , so I factor her into the equation as well . It was hard for me to give him a pass given the aggressive demeanor he tried to have . It was so cute LMFAO . You should have seen him . Luckily for him I’m in the process of being Ramone , and no longer Big Rome , folks from Chicago . I’m proud of myself today . My decision making is really coming into it’s own in the way of just being a civilian . Boy boy boy . A civilian . Never thought I’d be able to refer to myself as one of those . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : You can take the Lion out the jungle , but you can’t take the jungle out the Lion . No matter where he goes , and no matter how docile he tries to be . There’s always going to be something that triggers that animal instinct in him , and we all have it we just call it survival mode , a mothers’ love ( cause we all know from the animal kingdom , to the richest of neighborhoods , to the poorest of neighborhoods , a mother will kill or be killed about her babies ) , or whatever you choose to call it . We all have it , but it takes a harded push for some than it does for others for it to come out . I’m just glad that I pretty much have to be knocked to the ground these days for my ” survival mode ” to kick in . Song of the day : Maxwell – Ascension ( You Don’t Have To Wonder ) .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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