James Chambers

“Amazing Love Story”


On sunday night i start to prepare for my visit with my baby !I shave my head and my face and quickly relize i have to wash my visit shirt by hand. Because if i send it to laundry it will no longer be white. So after doing all that stuff I call Lora on the phone she was already in bed so the phone wakes her up. I feel really bad because she works so hard and has long days. PLus she is getting up early in the morning to come down to visit which starts with 1 hour and 30 minute drive and then about 30 to 45 minute in processing here at the prison ! so we talk for our 20 minute call which always seems to go way to quickly . But i cant miss the chance to tell her im going to whoop her in yahtzee and monopoly ! She quickly responds with always talking crap ! we tell each other how much we love each other ! I always seem to sleep very well when we talk before bed . I wake in morning and write Lora aletter telling her about the book Im reading called god and the secret . I also got church this morning from 9am to 11am ! It is always great service , then i come back from church jump in shower and get ready for visit 11:45 they call ne to visit were i get to give my baby and amazing kiss ! seeing her makes me feel so amazing . we start playing games which she manages to kick my butt in every game we played !We have great time talking about everything that is going on in her life out there! I can really tell she is missing me so we take time to just sit and hold hands and talk about us and how she is feeling !Tim erealy flies by and before long it is time to go which is very hard fro her to leave me here she tells me all the time ! So we give each other an amazing kiss and hug and i watch her walk out knowing that she will be back soon and thank god she is so cramazing and loving her with all my heart !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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