Ramone Echols

Still the same…

The other day I noticed this dude in my unit , and I knew that I knew him but I couldn’t remember from where . I didn’t think too much into it because if he wasn’t somebody I was cool with I would’ve known exactly who he was without even thinking about it . I talked to dude , and come to find out that I met him at his cousin’s house back in the day . It was funny cause I love his cousin and her mom to death , and we were in the county jail together when I first got locked up . Now , instantly I noticed how short dude is to me now . He’s like 5’7 , and back then I was 5’9 so we were basically the same height . I’m 6’1 and some change , so I really see how much I’ve grown . Next , I noticed after watching him for a few days that I’ve also grown metally a whole lot . This dude is the same today as he was 20 years ago . He still do things to draw too much attention to himself . I hear it alot when I talk to people that they haven’t grown as a person , but to actually see it is mind blowing . I guess that’s why there’s an evolutionary food chain . It keeps everything balanced out . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Me , myself personally . I’m kind of glad that I went through this experience , because me knowing me I would still be living that lifestyle that got me here . God doesn’t make mistakes , so I look at this as him getting my attention to let me know that I’m so much better than how I was living . I don’t understand how after all these years of getting nowhere in life people refuse to try something different . but then again I guess it’s not meant for me to understand since I’m not refusing to try something different . Song of the day : Mac Mall – Get Right .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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