Ramone Echols

Field Trip

Today I was taken to town to the hospital to get a MRI , and it was the first time in ten years that I was taken from a facility without it being a move to another facility . All I’ve been seeing the past four years are fences and trees , so I couldn’t wait to see something new . I was taking in the sights on our way the hospital , and things were cool until we actually got into town . When we hit the town I noticed how run down it is , and it just blew me away . The houses , most of them anyway are run down , and being that we aren’t that far from a tourist location I really expected to see something better . I’m from Chicago , and I’ve seen places on the southside & westside that didn’t look as bad as what I was seeing , and that includes the Robert Taylors & Rockwell Gardens ( those were projects that’s been torn down ) . We make it to the hospital and I’m expecting to see Cook County Hospital , and to my surprise the hospital looked decent . I noticed a trailor ouside of the hospital , and one of the gaurds told the other one that the MRI would take place in the trailor . So I’m like , what kind of sh!t is this ? As we enter the hospital to check me in we walk past this nice looking young nurse , and it took everything in me not to at least say hello to her because at this point she’s the best thing about the trip . They put me in that little @$$ MRI machine for about 30 minutes , and I was glad to get out of that joint cause I’m not a small guy ( 6’1 , 260 pounds ) , but I’m not an Uncle Phil ( Fresh Prince of Bel- Air ) kind of dude either . Anyway on the way back we took a different route , and I got to see a little more of the town and the second half was just as bad as the first half . But , as I continued to look I started to see the beauty in the town . Now I’m not a real estsate tyrant , but with all the run down house as well as the run down comercial property that’s empty all I could think of is how come nobody has come and bought this town up and built it up . I sure hope that it still look like this , and the prices of the houses are the same when I get out cause I sure see a lucrative investment out here . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this . I enjoyed my field trip today even though the sights weren’t all that great , except for that nurse . It’s always refreshing to get out of the prison even if I’m still in shackles , because for that brief moment in time I’m no longer amongst societies outcast . For a brief moment I’m back amongst societies citizens . On some for real for real , the air is even different outside of these fences . Man I can’t wait to get home . 45 more months , and this is over . Song of the day : Young Money – Everygirl In The World .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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