Ramone Echols


I’ve been trying to dig into this victim advocacy manual , but it’s no punk let me tell you . I’m trying to do my assignment for chapter one , and the second part of it is a killer . They give a list of ten rights that advocates have , and I have to come up with at least five more rights for advocates . I only came up with two so far , and while I’ve been trying to figure out three more I decided to go to chapter two . I start reading chapter two , and it’s basically four different laws in there entirerty . So I decided to jump to the end of the chapter to see what the assignment would be , and I’m shaking my head . The first part of the assignment I have to identify which law I feel is most beneficial to the victim , and the advocate , and why ? The second part I have summerize each law in a paragraph . Now , that’s not what has me shaking my head . It’s the fact that I have to go back and reread all of it again with a different angle on it . I haven’t even looked at the rest of the book yet , but I’m sure it doesn’t get any easier . That’s cool though cause I was always told thatnothing in life worth having comes easy , and this is a key piece to me staying out when I go home . I forgot how tough homework could be , but just like when I was a kid it has to be done . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : All work and no play keeps you away from situations like this at the end of the day . Song of the day : Project GTA – Husalah

Ramone Echols
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