Prison Talk

Now , I’ve never been a hater . Sh!t , I’ve never had a reason to hate , and I don’t understand why people hate . I’m surrounded by a bunch of cats that’s not from Cleveland , and they’re not even Cleveland fans but they’re anti-Bulls . Why ? I don’t know , but I can give my theory on it . First , I’m noticing that these are the same cats that like to gossip , stayin the middle of some bs , along with minding everybody else’s business . These are the dudes that don’t have a female in their life , and I see part of the reason for that is because they’re not minding their own business and focusing on having a female in their lives . Me , myself personally , I believe that their estrogen levels are higher than their testosterone levels are which would make them b!tch n!99@$ instead of haters . So , it’s understandable why they don’t have no chicks . Let’s do the math . You got one b!tch n!gga , and one b!tch together . Add a relationship to that equation , and you got failure . Cause we all know two b!tches can’t co exist for too long before the cat fighting begins . That’s just my theory on it . I can never give you an exact answer because I’m not cut from the same cloth as them . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Chi-Town in the building!!!! Let’s Go Damm!t !!!!!! Shut these n!99@$ up !!! THE BULLS : SEE RED !!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

Categories: prison, Ramone Echols

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