Daniel Turner


So it seems Pamela Geller’s group says a lot of hateful things and then she tries to say that she’s fighting the good fight for freedom. Whatever. She’s ridiculous for insisting that anyone who criticizes her is “working for the jihad and sharia law in America.” But at the same time, it should be repeated that the entire point of the First Amendment is to protect speech we DON’T like. It’s easy to be for free speech when we agree with it. The real test comes when it’s something you disagree with, even something hateful. But even the worst things, like what comes out of the KKK or the Woodsborough Baptist Church deserves the protection of speech that we enjoy in this country. And regardless of how much we despise what they say, it is even WORSE, much worse, to try to murder them for it. Islamic radicals need to grow up. Is it cruel to intentionally insult someone’s sacred belief? Maybe. But’s it’s far worse to respond with violence.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. ‘Growing up’ isn’t the issue when it comes to Islamic believers. The issue is what that particular religion teaches. When Islam is a dominate player in a country, there is no such thing as free speech being tolerated at all. The founding fathers of this country obviously had no knowledge of the Islamic faith at all when they were penning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


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