James Chambers

Our amazing love story!

Last night i went to bed in a great mood, I was able to talk to Lora last night before bed. She had her nephew with her and they were laying in bed. Her nephew was singing to her in spanish it was so freaking cute. I love being able to share those special moments with the woman I love ! So it was nice to go to bed with smile on my face. But this morning im really happy to because my baby is coming to visit me. It is so nice to be able to sit down and look my baby in her eyes while talking to her about things that are going on. We really do have such an amazing conversations that are open and honest which really makes our relationship so strong. I know some would say or might be thinking that Im putting way to much on this ! But i would ask you a question how many of you sit down with the person you love and really talk about important stuff. I think that Lora and I have a very deep emotional relationship ! We really hear and care about what the other person is saying or going though. Sitting and talking is something that has gone out of relationships. Especial with all the texting and peaple just living in the world trying to get by . But with our love we sit and pray together and really enjoy our quality time that we get! God is so awesome and he blessed me so much to have this cramazing woman in my life !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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