Ramone Echols

My New Image

I’ve somewhat spent my whole life trying to create the perfect image of myself like Picasso with his art . To my family , close friends , and loved ones I’m Mone . Brenda’s hardhead . He’s a mommas’ boy. Loves his Granny more than life itself , and he’s always doing some stuff he shouldn’t , but you gotta love him no matter what he do cause he’s Mone . In the start of my street life alot of people knew me by Sleepy – “G” . A name given to me because of my eyes . He’s the guy that love being in the hood with his guys , loves fighting , had a girlfriend or two , and did a little hustling here & there . When I got to Washington State at fifteen I stepped up my mac skills , and started having CHICKS . My partna Jr started calling me Romeo , so I became Romeo -“G” , and I had to keep that image going . He became the ladies man / gangsta / drug dealer . I made that guy into a well respected young man in the streets . He’s loved many , hated by few . When I got to prison people knew about Romeo – “G” , but I still had to do some dirt to create my prison image cause you start over in here . So because of how I carry myself & handle business I made my way up the ranks and I became Big Rome . Well respected across the state from the lil guys , to the old men , to the shot callers . Now , I’m working on my new image . I’m working on Ramone , and I want his image to be that of a family man , a business man , a mentor , a law abiding citizen , and whatever else I have to be to succeed in life . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Some people try to trick themselves into believing that what others think or say about them doesn’t matter , but it does . A bad look can close many doors to a world of opportunities whether you want to stay hood or go corperate . Images create legacies , and legacies tell the story of who you were as a person after you’re long gone . It’s up to you to decide how you want your story to be told when it’s all said and done .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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