Daniel Turner


I’m reading a history of the Christian Science movement in America. The very name of should be a red flag; there is no such thing as a KIND of science. People have tried to assign various adjectives to it for various reasons, i.e. Jewish science, Western science, feminist science, et. al. They’re all wrong. Science deals with reality, and there is only one. This is something the Christian Science crowd never seemed to realize, and as a result, people have died. Children have died, because they had religious parents who denied reality, and a country that is so soft on religion that it used to give them religious exemptions for medical reasons. For shame. If you, as an adult, want to refuse a blood transfusion or surgery, then go right ahead. Kill yourself for your faith. But I’d rather see your child taken away from you than have him or her murdered for your belief.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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