James Chambers

Is prison really justice? (Part 5 continued)

count the cost ! As i was saying the food is very unhealthy and some woud say they should not complain about food. My only real complaint is that when i look at how the legistlators have given this power to CI , they are completely running with it. Not caring how it is effecting everything , the extra money WADOC is paying for food comes out of security and programs to help inmates learn things that will help reduce recidvism . I know that some might think this is just complaining but i have been incarcerated for 16 years . I have truely seen everything that used to help disappear .Also the food managers and DOC staff have all voiced opposition to CI ! CI is just taking more and more growing bigger and bigger taking up more of states budget every year raising cost and using inmate labor . For profit while taking work away from small businesss in WA. Because these business cant even bid on contracts because legistators have said that they want stat agencies to spend the majority of budget with CI ! It is crazy that CI can sell less superior products for more money and state agencies have to buy ! prison cost everyone

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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