I want to give Toya Graham , in Baltimore a shout out for how she handled her son with all that’s going on right now . Kids have no respect these days , because these ” state agencies ” have taken the authority out of the home . In case you don’t know who Toya Graham is , she’s the mother in Baltimore that got on her fifteen year old son for putting on a ski mask and throwing rocks at the police when the rioting started over there . I’m seeing people talking about she’s setting a bad example of what a black mother should be , and they have their ” Bogus ” reasons , but what would they be saying if the police would’ve arrested him , or worse turned him into another casualty , then what ? Everyone will be saying his momma & daddy should’ve been better parents . Drug use in the home would’ve become a topic of conversation , along with the normal stuff they try to find to throw dirt on the person in question . Toya Graham , you’re a good example of what a parent should be . Don’t let the streets , internet , tv , or game systems raise your baby . Them folks not a part of your household , F***’em !!!! With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : My momma would still be whooping my @$$ right now for what I did to get here if she could , and it’s been twenty years. We know what we need to do as parents when it comes to our children , cause we deal with them from the time they’re born . I’ve helped raise mine from n here , and they turned out better than the children of some of my critics , or haters however you want to lable them . Nobody knows your child like you , raise’em how you see fit .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548


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