Ramone Echols

A Bad Day

I had a terrible , terrible day today . It just seems like nothing was meant to go my way today at all . Whenever I have days like this , I call one of three people . I call my mother , my sister Shay , or my Queen . I don’t use names , but she knows who she is . I called my mother cause she my go to , and as always she was able to get me out of the space I was in . Not only did talking to her help me , but I got a card in the mail from her today as well , and it’s right on time as usual . That really help me make it to this point that I’m at now . Thank You mother . I’m beginning to see what alot of other people I’ve seen get out was going through to prepare to stay out . I was always told that nothing in life worth having comes easy , and I guess that would include life & freedom as well . Now I also somewhat understand what life was like on a plantation , and their struggle to gain their life & freedom . I don’t know how people get out , and f*ck up just to come back again . I’m not doing this sh!t again ! NO WAY ! NO HOW ! With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this . Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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