James Chambers

Is prison really justice ? (Part 5)

count the cost ! We were talking lasttime about deductions that WADOC takes from everydollar sent in to our prisons most peaple pay 50% to 75% of all money sent in to prisons. Most times money collected for LFOs, Only a small portion goes to the county clerks were the money is owed. Not to mention imates are charged 12% interest on a LFO debts. So this compounded yearly so these debts will never get payed off ! I have been in prison for 16 years and when i came to prison i owed a total of around $8000.00 dollars . I was broke then and so basic the judge sentenced to a debt i will never be able to pay ! and it grows 12% ayear ! Also when sentenced i was told that i would not have to pay LFOs until released and i would not have to pay cost of incarceration ! But WADOC still collects even though my judgement is very clear and they do that to everyone ! All the money they do collect is from our familes , most of us that are lucky enough to have jobs only make 42cents and hour. I work as a teachers asst and teach welding for Grays Habor community college and made $24.00 dollars last month . Whats crazy im lucky to have job , because most guys dont ! so with out support from families it is very difficult to get what we need hygiene and stamps and food ! I will write more about food ! takecare

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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