James Chambers

Is prison really justice ? (Part 4)

Lets count cost ! Last time I was talking about Union Supply a company that CI has entered into contract with that our families can buy food packages from and it is the only company like Access that has the power to set prices how they want because they have no one to compete with . Which allows them to make things the way they want because you better believe noone is looking out for our families ! CI is making money off every one of these contracts . All the products are sold are ship to CIs warehouse and distributed by CI and handled with inmate labor ! If you would like to see what kind of business Corectional Industries is you can go back to Seattle Times story it was 3days multi page story Dec.2014 you can read for yourselves . WADOC and legistlators continue to allow CI to do business as usally ! While friends and family of incarcerated are paying the cost . I know alot of peaple would say well thats what they get for going to prison but this is not about us it is about our families that continue to be victims of the prison system ! Also you have to understand that every dollar sent in to WADOC by our families is taxed by WADOC ! if family send $100.00 dollars DOC takes 55% of that for cost of incarceration 20%, LFOS 20% , mandatory savings 10% , and crime victims fund 5% ALSO 20% if inmate owes child suport look for followup thankyou

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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