Daniel Turner


People have to stop viewing religion and science as competing views about reality. Religious stories were created by people who didn’t have great knowledge of reason and science, and so they explained the natural world in the only way they could: with magic and gods and myths. Science does a much better job, and evolution is a perfect example. What I’ve found is that almost every single person who argues against evolution for religious reasons has no idea what they’re saying. They don’t research anything about it; they just have their religious belief and leave it at that. One great source is the book Finding Darwin’s God, by Kenneth Miller. It’s the best case for the evidence of evolution (and the failure of creationism) that I’ve ever seen. And, one can’t accuse the author of being a biased atheist, because he’s a Catholic who otherwise believes in God.

Daniel Turner
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  1. You also have little knowledge of what you speak of. God made a perfect world and when He was done, He said so. Mutations happen but those were not in God’s design- humans did not evolve from apes just as fish didn’t evolve from sponges. I have studied biology – and I understand fully the Cambrian explosion and the fossil record. If Darwin was alive today, he would have no choice but to re-think his beliefs. There simply isn’t enough evidence to support his theories. You cannot call something a science if it cannot be tested. Since soft-bodied animals cannot be found in the fossil record then- Darwin’s theory has holes.
    Science is agnostic. You shouldn’t stop your research with one book you’ve picked up. Keep reading – there is a lot you do not know.


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