James Chambers

Is prison really justice ? (Part 3)

Count the cost. Here is somemore info about CI and this company called Access you can go to washington packages.com to look at what im talking about ! So CI has given this company a monopoly over our families and us . Giving them the chance to set prices how ever they want , they sell us things like tv,radios,headphones,shoes,typewriters,cups, bowls, art suppilies, here is example of some of the prices. 15inch flat screen tv that woud cost about $50.00 or $75.00 dollars is sold for $215.00 plus shipping, the brand name is Amped im sure you never heard of that also here is another example of cray prices a Swintec typewrittter clear # model 2416dm32kcc for $ 434.00 plus shipping , also the shoes are pretty crazy prices to fror shoe syou would have hard time finding on streets and most fall apart very quickly cost between $50.00 an d$75.00 dollars ! also any warrenties on any item is very short and WADOC is always ready to give us hard time anytime we try to send back item for warrenties ! there is also another company that CI has entered a contact with to sell food packages called Union supply and the sell food packages only and the prices are pretty crazy there to but again this is out of state company and all this money is leaving washington and some small business here could really benifit from having this same monopoly over our families out legistlators should seriously look at CI i will write more about this later !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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