James Chambers

Is prison really justice? (Part 2)

Count the cost ! For those families that are lucky enough to make it to visiting , they have to go though so much stuff just to get here ! Once they are in they are vending machines that are set at crazy prices i have seen a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cost $4.00 ! and everything sold in that visit room WADOC collects money off that stuff to ! please keep in mind most peaple are traveling from long distances with children and usally stay for the day so they have to feed the kids ! Also that most of our families are at proverty level or below ! Our families just want to stay involved in our lives and keep some kind of relationship, with us and help us maintain relationship with our children . Now we can start on WA State Correctional Industries that is taking over the WADOC and uses inmate labor to make products sold to state agencies and non profits ! They have been given a monoploy over the state because every agency is required to buy their products ! Also WADOC has allowed them to take over were are families are allowed to buy our property , so CI has entered into a contract with company called access and given them a monoploy over the 20,000 man and woman housed in the WADOC and their families ! Here is little info about this company it is out of state company and they pretty much set prices how ever they want to and CI is working very closely with this company . Also this means every penny spent with them is shipped out of state taking money out of washingtons economy and jobs out of local area this contact shoud have been done with local venders ! but they would not give the kick back CI wants or take advantage of our families ! well i will give more details later.

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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