My Loving Family

hey there once again its ian strawn doc 883484 @stafford creek correction center . im going to talk about my visit yesterday .

i had a awsone time my niece adapted to me and took to me well we had a bast my baby nephew was a bundle of joy even though he wasnt feeling very well he wasnt fussy at all . the visit room staff was awsome when it came to my sister breast feeding and they had a little room where she could feed him in private we took some photos and half way through the visit mom spilt coffee all over the table pictures included and we all laughed and as she was cleaning it up she knocked off the water bottle hahahaha, we didnt ridicule her we made it a regular funny miss hap witch was all right the pictures were cleaned off and salvaged . at the end of the visit my family showed concern of me being depressed and lonley i told them not to worry my sister aslo showd concern and asked ,ian are you happy????. i said of course i am happy i have learned to make the best out of a bad situation . i have a lot of things good going for me . my family loves me i am safe from the streets and drug usage im healthy i am actually at my peak of health and happyness . i feel that this is a great steping stone and im absorbing every lesson i can like a sponge . i love my family i have a special spot in my heart for my niece she is a beautifull little girl and she has a wonderfull mother that she can rely on . im gratefull that my step mom is the woman she is today she has unconditional love for me and my sisiter is a great mom and loving sister i couldnt ask for better family they are the best i have no worrys about my release they are all i need . well for now sincerly ian strawn

Ian Strawn
DOC #883484

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