Ronald May

Ronald May

It seems that this being my first post I should make some simple introductions so that those reading will have some idea of the person writing.

Soooo, hi! My name is Ron I deceided to try my hand at this blog site for two reasons. First, because it was available and something I have done in my past. Second, because it was scary and a part of me did’nt want to do it. I do not fancy myself as much of a writer and the idea of me cogently relaying to others my thoughts and ideas seemed conceited in some ways.

I should share some of my interests so you have an idea of who I am and what I care about. I am a passionate reader. I try to read no less than 115 books per year, both fiction and non. I have practiced Tibetan Buddhism for nearly fifteen years. My practice was okay on the outside but since my incarceration I believe it has deepened and hopefully will continue to do so. I enjoy politics in all it’s facets and I really do give a damn about people other than myself.

What I hope to get from this experience is allot. If my writing style could develop that would be fantastic. If I could reach people with my stories and obsesrvations then that too would be a blessing. Learning more about those inside and outside and how even though we are apart and perhaps unknown to each other, we are all on a similar journey with important elements to share.

Like anyone though, I am in search of a vehicle that facilitates growth. I have lived too many years as a pessimist. I would prefer that not come out in my writing but growing demands trial and error so please feel free to let me know if I need to lighten up.

My motivations are to write about things, places and occasionally people I miss. Buddhism has so many realizations in it that as I continue to progress I might mention something good or even frustrating. It’s for sure that I will note the injustices of our political system and the societal aggravations we all share. Occassionally I might mention somthing completely unique.

There are a world of things happening always and I would enjoy the chance to share that with you.
So, I hope you will come along for the ride, hopefully we can all get something out of this.

Ronald May
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