Jeremiah Gilbert


To live intentionally is to be self aware. To be aware of the ripple you cause as you wade through life. No matter your personal belief all your ripples wash upon the shores of the hereafter. If you wish a gentle beach, walk softly.

As a man I need not another to tell me how to conduct myself on a day to day basis. Should another speak upon me I must be brave enough to first look within; the darkest place where the most truth is hidden. Should his words echo as true I must be humble, be grateful and then chose to be obedient. Realizing the Creator often speaks though men, even those that do not understand that they are but a vessel.

Should their words fall flat, I realize this man just wishes to hear himself and I smile in a manner gracious as I remind myself to say only about him what I’ll say to him. I must be able to walk my talk in all things. Only in doing so will my own words echo upon those other souls in need.

To live worthy. Have you seen pride smolder in the eyes of your mother? Your father? Those other people whose admiration, loyalty, respect and love you wish to never again tred upon? Has that reflection ever been seen in your own eyes? Look upon yourself. There lies your greatest teacher, your longest journey.

Are you worthy of all the love given you? All the moments spent in quiet desperate prayer on your behalf. Moments you may never hear of… Are you worthy of sorrows shared? Can you stiffle your own cries to soothe another? To live worthy is to no longer live for self.

To live with purpose. The meaning of life. To have that purpoes to which one can direct their passion is to live free in every moment. In those moments when all seems lost a purpose reminds you…this too shall pass… at times tunnel vision is the only way through the mountainous obsticles. But there is always a way. There is always a choice. We sit in these iron-houses, these prisons, due to choice.

Cut away all the blame, excuses and denial and we are left with a choice we made on our life’s path that caused us to stumble. Look around you, so many people choose not to stand back up. Do you? I DO! I stand, dust myself off and continue, the weight of these chains slows my feet so my steps are steadier. Should I choose to keep walking, always choose to keep walking. I become stronger and closer to the balance that will keep me in the middle of my moments.

My purpose, is just that- my own. As only yours can guide you. You asked what I thought of you… my thoughts are little compared to the ripple you make daily as you walk this life. There is a saying ,”Live your life in a manner so that should someone speak ill of you, no-one would believe it.” Believe in yourself, your purpose and you will find a life worthy of living intentionally.

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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