James Chambers

Is prison really justice ?

Count the cost! Why dont we ask the mothers,wives,children and friends of the incarcerated.Is it fair that incarcerated persons families in order top recieve phonecalls has to deposit a minimum of $25.00 dollars in aprepaid account and are charged $5.95 for that deposit so end up with $19.05 in their account and calls cost $3.21 for atotal of 5 calls that last 20 minutes each ! Washington state DOC is making 2\3 of the cost of that call WADOC collects 5.5million a year off an 8.0million dollar contract ? Is this justice ? WADOC says that maintaining family ties and reduces recidvism ! Also incarcerated parents stay involved in their childrens lives reduces childrens risk of ending up in system ! I believe without involvement a child of incarcerated parent has a 7out of 10 chance of ending up in the system or following in their parents footsteps ! So why does DOC make it so hard to maintain these relationships ! i know that peaple that get locked up made mistakes and put them selves in this position but our loved are already victims also lossing their love ones to this tragedy , and most live at below poverty level and children stuggle with so many issues ! and need to relationships with their parents even if they are incarcerated it very hard on single moms and grandparents to keep money on phones and pay bills in these time phone calls should never be so costly !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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