Ramone Echols

I Miss You

I had every intention on speaking on my Bulls and D Rose , but after talking to one of my partners tonight I wouldn’t even feel right talking about D. Rose when I just found out somebody special to me passed last year . I met her when I was sixteen , and she was 21 . The first night we met we clicked instantly . We kicked it hard that night , and passed out . The next day when we were going our seperate ways she asked me ” you ever ate p***y before ? ” I told her ” Nope , and don’t plan on it . Gangstas don’t eat p***y . ” She laughed and told me ” you will be by the time you done f*cking with me .” We messed around off and on for almost three years before I got locked up , and she became one of my favorite people ever . I was just telling myself a few days ago that I had to go see her when I touch down . It’s messed up that part of doing so much time is losing the ones you love . Some of the people you expect to be there when you get home won’t be . I’ll never mention the names of the females I speak on , but she’s from the Southend of Seattle . I’ve been missing you , and now knowing that I won’t be seeing you when I get home I’m really going to miss you . You’re gone but never forgotten . Rest in peace TG . I Love You .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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