I can not live for tomorrow
so I surrender Today
to your friendship
delight is these inner feelings
that I have for you Today
How can I express the depth
of my feelings for our friendship
in a day for I can’t see what
tomorrow will bring
The opportunity is a chance of being friends
becoming as on heartbeat only in a day
that would last a lifetime of many tomorrows
yes… you & I
Inspiration of an angel is you
for these felings that you have inspired
within me deeply
to write this poem Today
You are the diamond that
I have searched for my whole life
and you were always right before
my eyes to have for all
my tomorrows…..

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Ruben McGee
DOC #743792

Categories: poems, Ruben McGee

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  1. I like your poem. I worked in a correctional facility for a few years. It was different…and that is about the politest I can be. Some of the residents were courteous and polite, but most were not. I clicked on your name because I thought it would make a good name for a character. I had pretty much decided on Ruben, but didn’t have a last name. The character is a twelve year old black youth. He’s going to be smart and good with music, but I’m not sure yet what kind. This is a children’s fantasy.
    I’m not a famous author, but hope to be one day. My first novel came out in 2011. My second one is still in the works. The fantasy is next.


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