Dominique Booker


Being in prison is a very difficult place to be… Especially if you dont have any outside support… And for someone like me whos extremely persistent when I want or need something, sometimes that just makes
it more difficult…

Some people just like to sit around, hang out, maybe workout, but for the most part basically waste their time/life away…
And then theres the ones who want to build an empire even from in prison.. Atleast get it started, so when we get out well have a head start..

Thats the kind of person I am.. I dont wanna wait until I get out.. I wanna start now..

Some will ask, “Well how do you build an empire from behide bars?”

My answer would be, “With God, a mind like mine, some ambition, persistence, and a little outside support, anything can be done…”

Which is the truth… I know it because Ive seen it… Ive met people in prison whos bought houses, cars, started and ran businesses, started families, and much more from right here in prison…
So when I saw this, I said ” Well damn, I know I can do that also…”

So now thats my mission… Which I have started already, but like I stated earlier, life is difficult in prison…
You cant put all your trust and dependency on someone who told you they will help start this empire with you, but then turn around and take everything yall built and leave you with nothing…
But its okay, because they didnt see the bigger picture… Which is something so big a beautiful, its so sad they couldnt be apart of it…

Im lookin for someone whos trynna be apart of this empire… It can be ours… Some people dont know what they want out of life, but they do know that they wanna be successful, well if thats you, contact me so we can get us closer to this success we want…
Email me directly on which is a prison email system… Inmate Id # 339888
Goto Davon Booker on facebook to see my pics..

If something inside of you is sayin, “This is where I need to be…”, its most likely the truth… So dont pass up your opportunity to get exactly where you wanna be in life… Because this can is it…

Take Care

Dominique Booker
DOC #339888

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