Daniel Turner


I saw the parents of Walter Scott on TV thanking the man who recorded the tragic murder of their son by that police officer. They said that God had put him there with his camera, that he was meant to be there. And the witness himself said something similar.

Not to begrudge anyone their grief of their way of dealing with the loss of their son (I can only imagine how horrible it is), but is this really constructive thinking? Why didn’t God change the police officer’s mind, or make his gun jam? The best He could come up with is to put an eyewitness there? And what about all the other people who have had horrible things happen to them, and there was no one there to help or witness? Were they all atheists or heathens? Or did they not pray hard enough? Why is it that God is given credit for every piece of good luck and fortuitous event, but given a pass on all the bad ones? All the terrible suffering in the world is chalked up to His special plan. Unacceptable.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569

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  1. Sometimes, maybe more often than not, God, our Heavenly Father has nothing to do with our life. Though He is always there for us, we need to make our own efforts to let Him into our lives. The vast human history is mostly about how people struggled without Him…
    An Absolute Being with True Love only can unite with the same standard. Fortunately, He helps us to grow, however, it is our will, effort and heart to make it happen and let Him into our lives…

    Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

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