Jai'mar Scott


Whats up world ! I have a big surprise for you , i am working on a peice with a young man that i share occasional thoughts with . His name is Jamal Smith.


first let me say that i love being a young black man !

Coming from poverty i’ve seen the Breaking of the most resilient people ever. Growing up just in my time i was able to get the last bit of soul from my elders who still carried the essence of a true negro which cant be said for these niggas today.

in the 40’s,50’s & 60’s the negro was thriving in a way that we never have in the united states despite the unexplainabe hardships derived from what we glorify today as fantasy. The love, brotherhood and praise we gave to women was uncomparable as the element of family was the highest priority in the negro community……..that 30 years was short lived and we have been decaying for the last 55 years in which the birth of the nigga was the 70’s……….stay with me ya’ll…………jamal smith

Jaimar Scott
I am 43 and i have experienced the deteriation of the negro as well as the explosion of the nigga ! I have a view of both and i have to be honest , i think that the emergence of the nigga has killed the negro .

I remember a time where as a child , i was able to walk down the block and go into any house on the street and get fed meals and taught lessons . I would also be disciplined by anyone on that same block ,that was the lessons of yesterday being exibited . Negro . It takes a villiage.

In todays society we have an unfortunate phenomenon occuring in our very own communities called niggaism and with niggas , you have what is called nigga moments which has been glorified on alot of tv programs such as the Boondocks as being funny but i dont call it funny , i call it signs of a dying people ! Its not funny , its tragic and its devastating to our childrens tomorrows . -Jai’mar Scott

The 70’s were a very dynamic time for the black men of today. As we are the product the revolution and conspiracy. The strengh of us was at its highest our knowledge, understanding, courage, respect, and unity were so affable. Communities thrived and for once we were able to breathe which is why i love everything 70’s.

At the same time it was our worst and most damaging time as drugs, and built up rage for the white man plagued our unity, family and selfs in the end. the patterned breathed life into our fuck it attitudes that birthed gangs in the eighties and killed so many kings and Queens and worse of all the innocent kids that are no longer here.

The rules that came out of the 70’s & 80’s are what raised my generation which is the 90’s and we are a hybrid of the past two decades of the most beautiful form of blackness you can ever see and the worse form of self-decaying genius.

I cry inside that i participated in the elavation of what today we see is the nigga. To know better and still do the things that lead to this new generation being without guidance and love has continued the pattern of loss we suffer in our community and i apologize although what is an apology when it is to late ?????????!! Jamal smith………………

Jai’mar Scott
As of lately it seems as if the nigga is drowning the negro , why ? In my opinion , its because there is a sever lack and unwillngness to be a strong black man ! What is the example that is being set for the up and coming generation of today ?

What they see is the few Black men who have made something of themselves , staying away from the hood . That is the last thing that they need . As a Black man that has made it , it your responsibility to teach those young dudes that they can also make it .

How can you do it if you dont come to the hood anymore ? You have to show them that you care before they will believe that you care . You have to be able to call that young person by name and they have to be able to call on you as well .

You have to develope a report with an individual if you want that person to hear you . Show them instead of telling them . Im not saying that you have to move back to the hood but you cant leave it completely when there is still little ones that look like you struggling !



In closing i ask that we all look at the circumstances of now that lead so many young black men ( 16 to 19 ) with two three kids they dont know love by the time they are 24 they have doubled the kids they have and are sitting in prison just as I.

The worst part is to wake up and its to late because you cant reverse life or the lives destroyed by the mistakes of the young black men that we were.
I ask that anyone no matter race or political standing PLEASE do whatever you can to enlighten the young black male that someway connects to you…..not monetary but mentally as knowledge is power and equally understanding is the main root of life.
only with love, respect, compassion & honesty
The worlds young black brotha jamal smith.

I hope that the words that we are saying will do two things ;
1.) bring some understanding 2.) encourage some men and women to do more for the community by reaching the kids .

This is not a piece to condem anyone but this is our shot at trying to give back because we lost that chance before we WOKE UP . Thank you and hope to hear from you all soon . As always , take care and be safe out there.

Jai’mar Scott
DOC #970703

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