Daniel Turner


As a libertarian, it’s dificult for me to want a law that forces businesses to do something they don’t want to do – as much as might disagree with them (as I do with the ridiculous old fogies who think that selling a cake to a gay couple is aganist their God’s wishes). This is America, and you have a right to be foolish. This isn’t about religious rights; it’s about the freedom of association. However, discrimination is real, and there have obviously been times and places where the federal government had to step in and grant protections to people in places and environments where they’re being mistreated.

Either way, I’m glad that the tide of opinion in this country is turning, and gay Americans are reaching parity. Most all young people (Republicans included) don’t care about gay marriage anymore, rightly so. And it’s actually heartening to see that states like Arkansas and Indiana had to revise those laws because of public pressure. Grow up, old people. You’re religion has been wrong many, many times over it’s history; this is one more.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569

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