Larry Blackwell

Poem From Prison

i feasted on forevers and snacked on wins and shitted out failures-
choked out batman and slapped up robin
i’ve held fire*buildt casltes and tore down empires-
i looked thru GODS eyes when he made mankind-had a sing off wit JAMES BROWN and went tap 4 tap wit GREGORY HINES-
i spat in lifes eyes and cheated death out of his last dime-
i locked the hotel room door and had hot sweaty sex wit crime-
sold b.j.s to pimps and survived russian rullet moments wit full clips-
i tanned on the suns hottest spots my GOD DAMN SHADOW would eclipse the moon-
i shot dice wit DON’s and cuff coins wit coons-
told truth to lies and made midnight think it was high noon-
i stood on mars and pissed on jupiter played wit venus’s uranis-
did my best talking wit my mouth closed and made the boogie man famous-
i walked thru time and tip toed thru space-
i poked satan in the eye and put that ol fool in his place-
born the first day my mama got preganent so”
O” HELL NAW’S my birth place


Larry Blackwell
DOC #850259

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