Well I recently got in some trouble for some stupid stuff.
I got an out of bounds infraction for going to the door of the other pod.
Yes i knew it was wrong.
However I needed to make sure that my bros went to druming.

I was sanctioned to 7 days cell confinement and 10 days loss of rec.
I missed my hearing because I wasnt given a copy of my infraction,
So i didnt know when my hearing was.
That is why got so much time out.

This facility makes no sense.
The give us all kinds of “freedom” yet wont give us something to do.
I have been here since September and they refuse to give me a job.
Its harder to get a job in here then it is out there.

They have this way of classifying us that determines our eligablity.
I couldnt give any details on how the classification works cuz i dont know.
All i know is I am a 2A and that means that i am not a high priority.
If somone comes on the next chain and is a 1A he gets priority.

As much as i hate to say it, you almost have to be a creep to get a job.
I know this has gone way off track but it is something that has me mad.
It occurs to me that this is out of my control but it affects me.
I am sorry to vent on here but i figured that this is what a blog is for.

I thank you all for reading what i post.
Have a blessed day.


Jason Beeson
DOC #354287


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