Jarvais Warren

8 Roomates

celly1- What happen to my last soup!? Did u eat it, did you do that?

celly2- Man I ate it earlier! man you seen me, man you knew that!

Celly1- And look! You got soup on my damn shoelace!

Celly3- Wheres my damn toothpaste!!?

Celly 5- Yeah lets help you find it because your breath STINKS!

Celly4- Shutup I cant THINK!!!

Celly 4- Im tryin to read my BOOK!

Celly7- Aye I gotta meat stick, anybody wana cook?

Celly8- You gotta meat stick?

Celly8- I’ll trade you for a speed stick.

Celly2- I’ll cook with you, if you get it started,

Celly4- Man WTF! Who just SHARTED?!!!

And thats how it is with 8 different roomates.

Turn on the lamp? Nope, its too late.

I don’t wana hear about ya toothache!

And I only have one thing you can barrow

I give him the middle finger and the other middle follows.

I have no patients for these obstacles,

Looking for patients? Find a hospital,

But atleast we can buy popcicles.

They got this place where you can get burgers, ice cream, popcicles and stuff! Why are peanutbutter snickers so damn small? Its a rip off!!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338


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