Samuel Hawkins

Welcome To Prison

We turned into a short driveway and the bus stopped. A gate opened allowing us to pull in between two fences and alongside one of the towers. The guards who had been sitting in front and in back of us got off the bus. They had to stow their weapons in the ‘armory’ before entering the prison.

They laughed at something, possibly out of relief, grateful for arriving safely. Or maybe just a simple joke at our expense. I watched as they one by one went inside of the tower and came back out. They were not in any rush, as we waited.

Conversations had been resurrected again, as some boasted of how many times they had taken this trip. As if that was enough to promote them among the ranks of their peers.

Finally the driver started the bus again, and a gate opened allowing us to proceed. We moved slowly forward, there were numerous men giving first hand accounts of the different buildings as we passed them, as if they were tour guides on a misguided tour.

We pulled up in front of a buidling that said ‘Reception’. People were standing, ready to get off the bus and inside.
The ride was a long one, not in time, but from all that we had left behind, and what lay before us.
Two by two we were leaving Noah’s Ark, we stepped off the bus. Mindful of the shackles cutting into our ankles we slowly disembarked. Once we were off the bus and again on solid ground, we were able to walk side by side. We made it inside the building where we were herded into cages once again. Here we would do everything in reverse. The shackles would be removed, then the orange jumpsuit, we would be strip searched again. Then we would begin the prison process.

This was just another bus load of arrivals. They came day after day, many different faces, some the same.
A name was called, rcognition, like long lost friends come together again.
The irony struck me, someone happy to see an old friend in prison again.

That is the conclussion of this episode.

I am only a prison writer at this time but am trying to get my words out of the cell and into the world beyond.
Hopefully someone can see where I am headed and contact me with information on how to have some of my work published.

If so, or if you would like to communicate with me and gather more info about the prison experience, I am willing to write you. Contact me at

Thank you especially to Stone City, for providing me with this outlet. I will definitely continue you add to this ‘blog’.


Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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  1. Hi Hawk I just joined this site because I have a friend doing a life sentence that I want to see write a book. I printed out your post for him. After reading it before sending it I was in awe of your writing skill. I just want to tell you that your writing is excellent. I am a writer by education (but not in real life) and see really good work here. There is a book I read that collected inmates stories and you should read it and maybe contact them. “Too Cruel, Not Unusual Enough: An Anthology published by the other Death Penalty Project” edited by Kenneth E. Hartman. I will jpay you when I can!


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