Jason Beeson


I recently tried to post some Valentines Day poetry but i was too x-rated
Apparently D.O.C doesnt like that kind of writing dont know why. 🙂
Since my previous attempt to send some poetrty was thwarted,
I figured i would try again.

Tonite though i sleep in solitude
My thouhts are filled with you
I wander after this insanity
Do fantasies come true?

Will my words communicate my wishes
These passionate slow kisses
Anticiated love embraces

Explosive nights of love making
Each time a different lesson
The moon will guide my every stroke

I am blessed by your expressions
Drapped in sweat chest to chest
A climax to our frustrations
This is the reward that we can both share

If only we are patient

As much as i would like to say that this is an original work, its not.
Im not sure as to were its from i got it from a friend.
I like this poem because it says how i think a relationship in prison is.
The only real way a prison relationship to work is through patience.

I hope you all enjoyed it, i will try to post some more.
Could use some feed back if at all possible.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts.


Jason Beeson
DOC #354287

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