Jeremiah Gilbert


As I breathe,

I thank the Creator for the gifts in my life. From the moments I wish to cry out in frustration to the times when a shared silence is the loudest “I love you.”

Each test I pass gives me the strength to face the next, to look into the eyes of the unknown and gain a seed of wisdom. Remind me always to share this wisdom or it is uselss to anyone. Let me never forget the hands that supported me, nor those intending harm. For all have given me wider vision and clearer thoughts.

I do not ask for an easy life for I will come to take it for granted. I do, however ask that the trials my family, my friends and even my enemies face be not as long and hard as mine. I ask you gift me hunger before a child knows it’s bite. Let my blood freeze before an elder shivers. My loudest prayers are those a mother whispers as her children sleep.

Creator, hear my voice as I cry out from this iron-house. No-one seems to listen though my words are true and straight from my heart. As long as you hear me all else is trivial while it lasts. I thank you for my freedom, I realize it as I see wing take wind and as elders appear in the clouds to cry down upon me. As they weep I know I am not alone, even though I am isolated.

Again, Creator, though I am but a man I thank you! In the spirit of those who have walked before me, and for those that follow…

I am Bear

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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