Ruben McGee


i have yet to recieve ANY responces to my blogs. . .seems to be a waste of stamps pretty much, so maybe someone out there can prove me wrong ?
Uh. . . nothing special going on today in here,just trying to stay positive & all that stuff.
kinda hard when i’m stuck in such a negative enviroment…but story of my life.Anyhow, feel free to tell me the story of your life,whoever you are!!! i’ll listen to you…& give you my point of view. I don’t have much stamps left on here so if I don’t respond blogs etc, then thats why.
Don’t have no job in here,pretty hard to get one on prison latley…anyways, enough about my boring burdens…maybe somebody will acually bolg me back one day…but as of lately no such luck for whatever reasons…I geuss people have better things to do.
oh well. it is what it is-
until whenevers or nevers…

Ruben McGee
DOC #743792

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  1. My advice – take it or leave it – would be to write for yourself and not in search of correspondence. People read blogs because they want to learn something new or feel something new. If you write your blog with the intent of exploring your reality or learning something new about yourself or the world, then you might find yourself with people who want to read what you have to say (and maybe respond). But even if no one responds, you may still find it worthwhile for yourself.


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