Daniel Turner


Some religious folk accuse atheists of wanting to squirm our way out of a divine judgment. As if we want free reign to be irresponsible, and don’t want to think of a divine being up there watching us and judging us. Nonsense. I’m an atheist because I think reason has led me there; the evidence for God is not there. And as for getting out judgment … the Christians in prison often seem like they’re doing that. They say a few magic words, pray every day, and since they’ve accepted Jesus, they get unconditional love and forgiveness.
Sounds too easy to me. I don’t want that sort of forgiveness, and I understand when people don’t want to forgive me for what I did. It’s their choice. My responsibility and my guilt are mine, and they should be there. They always will be, forever, and I’m okay with that. It’s a part of me, and I would never accept an “easy” way out like being unconditionally forgiven just because I believe and worship.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569


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