Jai'mar Scott


Hello and how are you doing ? I hope that all is well . As for myself , i am doing alright . I have had a really long day and i need to un-wine bad but since i cant in the way that id like to , i will just use this avenue to de-stress .

Im not going to bring you down by talking about all of the crap that goes on in here but i will just talk to you about some of the differences that i encounter and how i see them . Is that okay ?

Here goes ;

1.) there are brotha’s …..
2.) there are black men …..


3.) THERE ARE NIGGA’S !!!!!!!

First , i am proud and i love being a black man . Period . Never let my words lead you or anyone else to ever believe other wise . It is a honor and a privilige to be a black man , i come from kings & queens , its not something that i wear , its in my blood !

Brotha : hello ?
Nigga : silence & a hard look .

Brotha : a look of concern …..
Nigga : what the fuck you lookin at !

Brotha : why ? , Walk away …..
Nigga : thats right ! Walk away bitch ass nigga !

Why must we treat eachother like this ? WHY ? WHY !

When does it stop ? When do we start acting like the kings and queens that we are ? I realize that there is such a thing as not being awoke but damn ! , are my people in a coma ! Do they realize that its self induced !

Nigga : push , push , push !
Brotha : quit trippin , dont make me ……

Nigga : dont make you what !
Brotha : have a nigga moment !

SNAP !!!

Jai’mar Scott
DOC #970703


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