Kevin Gilbert


——{*Kismet Family Law*}——
—{*The Kismet Transformation*}—

{*Good Is Underneath Every Single*} > Thing That *Appears To Be Negative. {*Our Kismet Family*} Knows That *Good Is All There, *Including In A {*Negative Situation,*} Then & *Only Then, We Will See A {*Negative Situation Transform*} > Into All That Is *Good.

{*Most Folks Keep The *Good Away From Themselves*} > Because They {*Label Something As Bad,*} And Then, Of Course, That > {*Becomes Their Reality.*} But With > {*All The Things In The World;*} It Is Just {*Our Kismet Inability*} To *See Things Clearly From {*The Bigger Perspective.*}

{*Peace Of Mind Comes From Knowing That *Good Is All That Exists.*}

Email The Writter @ & Type In 890221 To Get Added To My List To Get To Know More About >

Mr. Six {*Kismet*} Million-Briggs!!!!!!

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