Jarvais Warren

Same person…….Different body

Have you dated someone you thought was perfect, only to find out that they weren’t that at all?

How many times has that happen to you?

Are you pretty sure its about to happen again right now?

Think about it for a minute……..

How does your new mate compare to your old ones? Are they similar in body? Personality? Did you already notice this but you thought “this time it will be different I won’t let it happen.” (LMAO)

Or mabye you are already fed up with this and said “Screw love”!?

Welp! I say that mabye, just mabye. You should stop dating the same damn person, in a different damn body! Would you step on a bear trap twice? What if the second bear trap looked cuter than the first hmmmmm? All Im saying is try somethin new! If this isn’t workin for you try somethin new (see definition of insanity) or atleast give them a test to make sure they aren’t another damn shape shifter!

I use to tell this to a freind of mine. And I bet right now that person has dated atleast two more shape shifters. It kind of makes me sad and laugh at the same time. Like when people brag about this being there 3rd time in prison.

So, anyways, I kinda forgot where I was going with this…… I started thinkin about whats for breakfast……….oh, ok. So my opinion (which is fact) is leave that person! Yep, thats the solution I guess. Get ya foot out the bear trap! But if you love them communicate with them. Some couples can’t do this or it becomes awkward to tell eachother their true feelings face to face. So I got a solution to that too! I just made it up!

Text them, or whatever you free people do.

Isn’t it easier to get things off your chest when you text people? But its gotta be something like Instant message or atleast you guys textin right back to one another or somethin. IDK! You figure it out! Its your damn relationship. Screw it, its a shape shifter anyway! And if you have given her/him 2 chances and you think they are about to screw up again…..

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
Fool me thrice then well hell, mabye i like to be fooled?

I know love is unpredictable and hard to control at times. But one sided love is lonely. Be brave and get rid if your shape shifter. Results may vary. Never happen to me so I don’t know what to expect because I am a people person if you haven’t notice. All I need is a quick conversation with someone to know there personality. If they think Im weird then they have a horrible personality. If they think Im refreashing then they may be a genius.

Jarvais Warren


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