Lamont Edwards


As I sit in this cell,I find myself at a loss to this question.Why have I
spent the last 7 years doing everything I can to change? By that I mean that I have changed my thinking and acting,along with finding out that knowleadge is the best “tool” for a person who really aspir great at everything he attempts in life.

I am struggling with the question because,the people who say that they give a fuck.Say that they forgive me for my past,because they see that I really have changed,that I have showed them with actions not hollow words .But while they say that they treat me as if shit is the same,in some cases worse then they treated me when I first caught this case.I know that I have done some cruel things to family and friends,but why say that you forgive and that your here to help if I need it,if your always gonna bring up or think about my past before you do something that I’ve asked.

The funny part is that I’ve forgiven the person who lied to get me locked up on my last case.Causing me to get out and catch this case.I take full resposibility for what I did but it would never had happened,if not for a lie from a person who says they love me.

I think that alot of people find themselves asking the same question?k
If you have any input on a situation like the one I speak of,please let me know.I would apprecite the insight.Just to be sure of what I’m asking,I’ll make it clearer.Whats the point of changing if your still going to be treated the same??

Lamont Edwards
DOC #798028

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