Daniel Turner


Okay, so religious believers tell me that plenty of people have improved their lives with religion while in prison. I’m sure some have. But for every one that has, there are many more who use it as a device while in here, then return to the same old destructive behavior as always when they get out. Enrbacing religion is EASY while in prison, where you don’t have the same temptations.

And even for those who have improved their lives with the help of God, okay. Plenty of people have also improved their bodies with the help of a personal trainer. The point is that you don’t NEED one. Anyone is capable of motivating themselves to work out, educating themselves on diet and fitness, etc. Improving your life, rejecting the criminal lifestyle and mindset, is no different. It can come from within, and it all has to start from within anyway.

Daniel Turner
DOC #767569


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