Jarvais Warren

This one time, at prison camp

So I finally leave Stafford Creek. Not yet to camp, but to Shelton, Shelton sucks!
Early last week I gave my predictions of my stay at Shelton. I said it would suck, and that I would have to sleep on the floor because It would be so packed there like every other time Ive been there.
But before I get to if it sucked, I gotta mention what happened before I left Stafford.
They take us to the property room where we get stripped out of the normal “white&tan” and into the ole orange jumpsuits.
But this time there was this older lady outside the door, infornt of the bus. She was arguing with the officer, somethin about cross contamination.
I was the last to get changed out, and I had my head down looking at my shoes because I don’t like seeing men bending over and what not. But I look to the left out the door to her and she’s already looking at me, and she puts up her hands like “Wtf?!”
Yeah, I don’t know what that was about, I was busy thinking about how Shelton is going to suck! So I just put my head back down.
So we get to Shelton fairly quick, AND! I got my own seat on the bus. When I thought someone was about to sit next to me I would twitch and make tick noises mumbling old Mc Hammer songs.
But its been so long since Ive been on a bus that I almost threw up! But I didn’t! Dude next to me did though.
I get to Shelton and not only am I not going to have to sleep on the floor, I got the bottom bunk! Hellyeah!Hellyeah!

Other than that Shelton sucked.

I spent all but about 5hrs of 3days in this hot as cell. I made the best of a self inflicted sucky situation. I planned my steps for when I get to camp, to stay on my “full speed ahead” mission.

-I listed the options I would have at camp (schooling, different jobs etc.)
-I weighed which one is more important this year, a job or education.
-I listen to my celly, who had just came from the camp I was going to.
-I realized I wont have control over anything (ofcourse).
-I started on my new stock plan. Learn about Stock Options!

This book called “The Jester” also made time pass. It was really good. A page turner. And I dont even use that phrase. I wanted to go to the library so I could finish it. But I think I know what happen. The fool marries the girl, turns out she’s the princess blah blah blah.
Good book though.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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