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Thoughout the century love has been definded in many ways .

In today’s society .

Most people relate love to a deep feeling of sexual desire
and attraction,

They believe that as long as the sex is incredible and you get
Your fun thing moved, all is to the good .

That love is definitely in the air .

Too many people confuse lust and sex, in up trapped in a toxic
relationships, some very unhealthy, still sex be good though .

Sex over power’s alot, due to the dopeamean that goes to one’s brain ,
the feeling that’s created well one is going slow or fast .

The world is full of people who remain in relationships and they realize they have no business in .

Yet they stay hoping and praying for change .

Believing that the other person will eventually appreciate them and
recognize their value, to having more then just good sex .

The cycle leads to regret, despair, and aften times deression, all from the other not seeing and understanding the specialness within
one’s heart, or what it truly means to having uncondition love for
another recognizing true value, with one’s upmost respect .

Every once in a while two people meet by pure chance ;

Not while they are out on the hunt for a new lover .

But with no expecetations between them .

Nature takes its course the right way .

They met to know each other never realizing that their interaction might lead to the ultimate experience ;

The one thing that most of us crave our entire lives .

What results can be a total eclipse of the heart .

Just one of the many component of unconditional love .

==========================================================ON THE GO ,
> One must alway’s keep in mind even though
a broken clock is right twice a day the fact remain’s that it don’t work .

========================================================== GOOD MEDICINE

A simple life is one of plainness , in which profit is,discarded ,
cleverness abandoned , selfishness eliminated , and desire’s reduced
it is the life of perfection which seem to be light , but does not dazzle
in short ,

it is full of harmony , unity contentment , transquillity ,
constancy enlightenment , and sound peace within self, not just for
self to and can be shared with other’s to lead the one’s that dont
know is a gift that come’s from the heart that’s giving back .

*******************MAKE IT LAST FOREVER *********************

When you wake up in the morning, do not expect to see the
evening — live as though today is all that you have.

Yesterday has passed with it’s good and evil, while tomorrow has not
yet arrived.

Your life’s span is but one day as if you were born in it and will die
at the end of it.

With this attitude, you will not be caught between an obsession over
the past, with all it’s anxieties, and the hope of the future, with all
it’s uncertainty.

Live for today :

During this day you should pray with a wakeful heart,
recite the qur’an with understanding, and remember God with
sincerity in this day you should be blanced in your affair’s, satisfied
with your allotted portion, concerned with your apperance and health.

Oranize the hour’s of this day, so that you make year’s out of
minute’s and month’s out of second’s.

Seek for giveness from your Lord, remember Him, prepare for the
final parting from this world, and live today happily and at,peace.

Be content with your sustenance, your wife,your childen, your work,
your house, and friend’s, and your station in life.

Qur’an 7: 144 )

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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