Jarvais Warren

I aint got nothin

Sorry if the spelling or sentences are off. I aint got nothin! All my property has been packed up since Friday morning. I don’t leave here until Tuesday morning. That means I dont have my tablet to write on. I have to type this on the jpay. And you only have 15min so Im racing the clock.
I don’t even have a damn coffee cup, I drink coffee out my hands or just eat it. All I got is my shoes and enough clothes to get me through these days. No t.v. so Im forced to read, no music so Im forced to listen to people. Im starting to feel like Im in prison.
But since Im forced to read I started reading this book, by this guy named…IDK, I forget, but his last name is Sugars.
He tells the story of the “lamb roast”.

A wife is making lamb roast for her husband.
The husband asked why she cuts the end off of the roast. She said because her mom use to do it.
So the husband asked his mother in law why she cuts the ends of the lamb roast off. Her reply was the same. Her mom use to do it.
So he calls his wife’s grandma and asked her the same question. Why do you cut the ends of the lamb roast off?

She said “Because I had a small baking pan.”


Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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