Daniel Turner


Many religious people have told me that they despise the theory of evolution because it tells us that we are mere animals. First, it is important to note that how much you despise evolution, or how much I love it, says absolutely nothing about whether it is true or not. That is a different argument, and deals with the evidence. As to the theory lowering us to the level of “mere animals,” I disagree completely. Evolution tells us that we are EXCEPTIONAL animals, the only animals on the planet capable of bettering our lives, using reason, creating art, etc. Evolution has given us a brain that thought up To Kill a Mockingbird and vaccines. And further, a brain that enables us to choose for ourselves what is important and valuable, such as human life, freedom, happiness, etc. That these things arose naturally, from our evolutionary past, does not in any way reduce them.

Dan Turner
DOC #767569

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