Jarvais Warren

You might be a hater if……

*You take pictures with your friend, there’s a picture where BOTH of you look great!
But you post the one of YOU looking great, and them not ready so their mouth is open and one eye is closed.

*Someone has gotten some great news! And you have to force a smile on your face while you mentally wish bad luck apon them.

*Your relationship is terrible, so you plant sour thoughts into your friends head about their mate.

*No one wants to talk to you at the party, so you make all your friends leave or start a fight.

Things a hater might say

* “Oh, thats great! But I would never do that.”
* “Did you gain weight?”
* “Are you sure your man is only talking to you? Because mine said the same thing.”
* “Man I didnt want to say nothin, but ya girl was flirtin with me.”

Please, if any of these things sound like you change your outlook on life. Its never too late to change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t hate on the dog that tries to learn one anyway. Let your envy turn into motivation! And stop hatin!
If some of these things sound like one of your friends, and before this you hadn’t realized that he/she is a hate’n-ass-hater. Then have some fun with your new found knowledge. Make up some good news! Tell them you got a raise, won the lottery, found $100, fell in love, or when you get off the phone act really really happy, but don’t tell them why. These are just a few I came up with. Come up with your own in your spare time. Oh, and if you don’t like this blog……you might be a hater.

Warning: DO NOT use all that good news in the same day.

Jarvais Warren
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  1. Most of us can relate to the receiving end of this and for the giver, it’s reflective of a sense of self-hatred buried deep within that they are unaware of. Those actions are the products of beliefs, but until we each examine our subconscious mind and the beliefs contained within, we will continue to hurt eachother while acting like we want to love eachother.

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    • You might be a hater if:
      Indeed, couldn’t have said it better myself. I was going to mention how some “know not what they do”, or have deep personal issues that reach the surface in the form of envy. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want haters to think, I think, how they think, is ok because thats how they’ve always thought. I think some people need clearer mirrors. So they really can see who they are.
      Prison fact: Most prison mirrors are just shined up metal. It looks like a funhouse mirror most of the time. So we do need clearer mirrors. 🙂 


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